Ratliff Opal Pty Limited is an Australian company with their head office in North Queensland.

We deal in the beautiful & magnificent Queensland Boulder Opal in all forms.

What originally commenced as an opal mining operation on the Winton Fields in 1972 has developed over the years into a fully integrated opal business involving sourcing the raw materials, cutting & polishing of the opals & jewellery manufacturing & worldwide distribution & sales.

We have our own cutting & polishing facilities & our own jewellery manufacturing workshop. After processing the raw material into finished gems we manufacture these opal gems into unique handmade range of original Boulder Opal Jewellery.

We distribute & sell our original products at a wholesale level to dealers & retailers throughout Australia & the world.

All products are original manufactured from opal cut & polished by ourselves & manufactured in our own facilities. Our opal & workmanship are fully guaranteed & backed by our 40 years’ experience in the opal industry.